In 2013, the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation awarded Sound ExChange a Cultural Creative Collision grant to fund interdisciplinary concert programs and educational activities. The grant has supported performances at the Rochester Fringe Festival and ArtisanWorks, as well as an educational residency at the David F. Gantt Community Center with after-school music education program ROCmusic. CITY Newspaper described the 2014 Rochester Fringe Festival performance as “tight, beautifully performed, and over far too quickly.”  Two years of collaborating through the Creative Collision Project led the core artists of Sound ExChange to form HEX, a flexible ensemble of strings, percussion, and electronics.

Baltimore, MD//New York, NY//Rochester, NY//Pittsburgh, PA



Sound ExChange Project

The Sound ExChange Project transforms the live concert experience and deepens the connections between performers, audiences, and music. 

Comprised of a core group of 6 musicians who function in a variety of roles—as performers, composers, producers, curators, and educators—Sound ExChange serves as a platform for artists dedicated to exploring alternative ways of presenting and creating music to invigorate the concert experience. Sound ExChange musicians bring a sense of adventure to the creation and presentation of live music through the exploration of interactive and audience-centered programming and unconventional venues, and the development of meaningful community partnerships through multi-disciplinary collaborations and educational initiatives.

Rochester, NY


Wretched Becky

An improv-based duo of Sean Lowery and Kurt Fedde.  With a background in percussion and a love for electronic music and avant garde sounds, Lowery and Fedde create jams using anything they can get their hands on.  From prepared pianos to vocal banter, their music stretches the average ear in an exciting, experimental manner.  Throwing in a dash of humor, the experience can best be described as a jack-in-the-box filled with noise, beats, drones and electronic bliss.

Baltimore, MD//Rochester, NY

Wretched Becky: Soundcloud 

 Sean Lowery as Rex:  rexmusic4.bandcamp.com , Facebook